Activate your Insomniac bot!

Follow 3 steps as described below
1. Join our Patreon Tier.

All extra features will be available as long as your membership is active.

It's not only a purchase – you also support our team so that we could invest more time in bugfixes and new features.

2. Check your email, we've already sent you a mail with the activation code.

IMPORTANT: it's the same email address that you use to login on Patreon.

Didn't receive a mail in one minute? Check your spam folder. If still not there, fill your email into the form below.

The same email you use on Patreon
3. Copy-paste activation code from the mail to

Open in any text editor you like and find the line activation_code = "". Put your activation code into those empty quotes and save the file.

If you didn't download yet, follow installation instructions.

Activation Code Sample

Not sure what to do next?

• Follow Quick start if you're new to Insomniac.
• Take a look at Extra features section in the docs.
• Have a word with folks in Telegram and Discord.